NY Post Breaks Down ‘Hunter and The Big Guy’ Scandal so Even the Liberal Media Can Understand It

“… in a bid [for Communist China] to overtake the United States as the world’s economic superpower.”

Ask just about anyone; right, left or middle of the road, what exactly is going on with the whole Hunter and the Big Guy drama?

An awful lot of folks will probably just shrug their shoulders and mutter something along the lines of “Hunter accepted a lot of dirty money from Ukrainians, Russians and Chinese Communists. Supposedly Joe got a slice of the pie.”

Well… yeah. In a nutshell, that’s it. But between the Dems and their complicit media, way too many Americans only have just a fuzzy idea of what’s actually transpiring.

As noted, Democrats are doing their best Sgt. Schultz impersonations while the Leftie Media has largely either ignored it or ran interference for the Biden Crime Family.

More than a few conservatives and independents simply don’t have the opportunity to surf multiple news sites during the course of their day. These folks are too busy working, trying to keep their heads above water, especially with Bidinflation doing nothing more than making us all a little poorer every passing day.

Ahhh, but thank goodness for reporter Miranda Devine of the New York Post. As reported by Devine (emphasis mine);

If the grand jury in Delaware investigating Hunter Biden’s business ventures does its job properly, it will be pulling on the threads that lead to the president, and already there are signs that is happening.

Regardless of the extraordinary statement last week by White House chief of staff Ron Klain, that the president is confident his son has done nothing wrong, and that the inquiry has nothing to do with Joe Biden or anyone else in the White House, publicly available evidence says otherwise.

It is not just the emails and other material on Hunter’s abandoned laptop that point to Joe Biden’s involvement in his family’s multimillion-dollar global influence-peddling schemes when he was vice president.

There is also the six-hour interview Hunter’s former business partner Tony Bobulinski gave to the FBI last year, along with a trove of documents, emails and encrypted messages.

Far from done, Devine also notes;

  • Bobulinski has publicly named Joe Biden as the “Big Guy,” referenced in emails, whose 10% equity in a joint venture with Chinese energy company CEFC was held for him by Hunter.

  • Now the identity of the Big Guy has become a topic for the Delaware probe.

  • At least one of the witnesses before the grand jury has been asked: Who is the Big Guy?

I may not know Miranda Devine, but I think I’m in love (in the most platonic way possible). She also notes (emphasis and extra comments mine);

In two absurd statements in recent days, White House spokespeople said the president stands by his pre-election statement that Hunter never received any money from China, and he continues to deny that he knew anything about his son’s overseas business dealings.

The White House position is unsustainable.

First, there are the Treasury Department documents presented by Republican Sens. Ron Johnson and Chuck Grassley, along with bank statements on Hunter’s laptop showing millions of dollars paid by CEFC [the Chinese energy company] to Hunter and his business ­partners.

Then there is evidence, from Bobulinski and from the laptop, that Joe met Hunter’s foreign business partners on multiple occasions while he was vice ­president.

In addition, there is evidence on the laptop that Hunter and his father had commingled finances [a MASSIVE legal no-no!] and shared bank accounts, and also that Hunter paid some of Joe’s household bills, including a monthly phone bill and maintenance and renovations on one of his Delaware properties.

Now comes what I consider the absolute killer-diller of Devine’s article.

She lays out all the FACTUAL information showing that members of the Biden family as well as individuals in the Biden inner-circle conspiring to ensure Communist China REPLACES the United States as the world’s premier economic super-power (emphasis mine);

What is not properly understood, especially by the catch-up merchants and Biden apologists of the left-wing media, is that the millions of dollars wired by CEFC to Hunter and Jim Biden and partners was payment for work done in the last two years of Joe’s vice presidency, using the Biden name to advance the interests of Communist China in Oman, Luxembourg, Romania, the Middle East and Asia.

This included $6 million paid in two wires in February and March 2017 to Rob Walker, a trusted Biden family friend and a former Clinton administration official, whose wife, Betsy Massey Walker, had been Jill Biden’s assistant when she was second lady.

CEFC was the capitalist arm of China’s Belt and Road initiative, President Xi Jinping’s imperialist program to compromise smaller countries, bribe their officials, buy up their energy resources and infrastructure and ensnare them in debt traps, in a bid to overtake the United States as the world’s economic superpower.

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