(VIDEO) Yet Again… Slow Joe Goes Off-Script, Then Off the Rails; Jill Has to Remind Him to Wave

What happens when the Resident of the United States goes off-script? He usually makes himself look stupid.

Very stupid.

In two separate videos, while speaking of the poor state of certain US airports, Joe seems to forget that sight isn’t the only human sense.

In the second vid, Jill has to remind him to wave.

In the initial clip, yes, Joe… despite being blindfolded in the middle of the night, the average human being could still hear mostly one of the many Chinese languages and/or dialects such as Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkien, etc.

There would also be the distinct smell of Chinese food being prepared at the kiosks. After all, Szechuan chicken doesn’t smell anything like Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Then again, Slow Joe could be right. Provided he gouged your eyes out, shoved an icepick in each of your ears, ripped your tongue out, then finally poured boric acid into your nasal cavity.

That’s how I fully suspect Jen Psaki will explain away his patently moronic comments.

Then we have Slow Joe having to be reminded by Jill to wave to the crowd.

May God save us all.

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