Leftist Woke England; Taxpayers Pump Millions to Government Council Declaring Cricket, Postal, Glass, Bus and Knitting Museums Guilty of ‘Implicit Racism’

White supremacy?

All I know about cricket and knitting is that, respectively, the bat and the needles would come in quite handy during a Zombie Apocalypse.

With that said, I now have found out that certain innocuous museums on the Sceptered Isle are guilty of not only implicit racism, but also sexism and ableism.

Wow, who knew that a glass and a bus museum could be so evil?

As reported by Chris Matthews of London’s the DailyMail.com (emphasis mine);

First it was statues, then it was street names and books by white authors. Now left-wing radicals have cricket and knitting in their woke sights as they aim to decolonise Britain — and they’ve used millions in taxpayers’ money to do it.

Taxpayers’ cash is being spent to decolonise English museums, which depict a history written by ‘white, wealthy, able-bodied men’.

Arts Council England has poured millions of hardworking Britons’ money into Museum Development England, which said museums in the country, including attractions dedicated to cricket and knitwear, needed help with ‘equity and inclusion’. 

There has been continued outrage at the lengths woke museum and arts bosses are going to scrub their museums of history in an attempt to seem inclusive and diverse.

The advisory body gave guidance to attraction bosses during a training scheme that allegedly showed how ‘racist narratives’ and ‘implicit racism’ can occur in museums because the history we all learnt about has been mostly written by ‘white men’, The Telegraph reported.

Museum Development England’s guidance said: ‘History is written by the winners and in Europe and the British Empire, the winners tend to have been white, wealthy, able-bodied men. [So saith the woke government.]

‘There is a call to ‘decolonise’ museums to address their implicit racism (and sexism and ableism).’

‘The artificial concept of race has been the foundation of further theories that have aimed to justify the oppression of people who are not white. [Remember, we’re talking about things like a cricket and knitting museum.]

‘This creation of a narrative of inferiority has taken part, sometimes subtly, in social and cultural institutions. [Subtly? In other words, you can see racism in everything.]

Racist narratives and assumptions, therefore, inevitably underlie the creation of many museum collections and how they have been interpreted.’

Museums Development usually works with small museums in a bid to gain accreditation from Arts Council England.

The Yorkshire Cricket Museum, Wigston Framework Knitters Museum near Leicester, The Postal Museum in London, the National Glass Centre, and the Isle of Wight Bus and Coach Museum are all vying for accreditation.

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