(VIDEO) Again… Biden Mumbles, Slurs and Freezes-Up While Giving Unscripted Remarks

This isn’t stuttering. I used to stutter as a kid… take my word for it, this ain’t it.

This is cognitive decline. For the love of God, a blind man could see it.

I understand that “kleptocracy” is a four syllable word, but give me a break.

I would think the guy who supposedly received more votes for the presidency than anyone else in the history of this republic could handle an 11-letter word. Guess not.

One final observation; what’s up with Biden pressing his tongue against the inside of his cheek?

According to ScienceOfPeople.com, this indicates (emphasis mine);

A person may demonstrate nervousness when they stick their tongue against the inside of their cheek. This helps to relieve tension and high stress. People may also do this if they want to hide or get away with something.

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