(VIDEO) Close-Talker Joe WAY Too Close During Faux-Interview

Turning up the Creep Factor to 11.

I recall once reading that sexual addicts (IE: “Perverts“) really don’t care who or what they have sex with, as well as how they innocuously pretend to “share” their perversion as somehow nothing out of the ordinary.

To include the seemingly innocent hugs (and not so innocents sniffs) given to young children, all the way to the highly questionable practice of late night nude swims… in front of female Secret Service agents.

With all that said, as strange as it may sound, some folks are so perverted that they look upon getting deep into the personal space of others. All the while passing himself off as somehow normal.

And as gross and disgusting as it may sound, some sexual perverts seem to get pleasure from extended, belly-to-belly bodily contact with Hillary Clinton. *Shiver*

By the way, the below alleged “interview” is about as sincere and honest as Kamala Harris’ cackle. But that’s just me

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