(VIDEO) Ironically, Pro-Abortion Shaitans Furious that Rich, Old and Privileged Members of SCOTUS Will Follow the Constitution Correctly

Abortion SURVIVOR Clair Culwell.

While an initial draft of an opinion very well may have been illegally leaked from the US Supreme Court, pro-abortion ghouls everywhere are angrier than Liz Warren when she got her DNA results in the mail.

Granted, the leaked document is merely an initial draft of an opinion, not the final draft of a decision. But like I said, the pro-butchery crowd has lost their shit.

Never mind that the SCOTUS isn’t about to outlaw the abortion procedure on the federal level. No… don’t confuse lefties with facts.

It certainly appears that the topic at hand concerns the 10th Amendment of our Constitution. You know… that whole thing about what isn’t specifically cited in the COTUS is actually up to the purview of the various states, commonwealths and territories.

Anyhow, the Neo-Marxist and Neo-Schutzstaffel forces here in the West are coagulating to scream in protest that a slim majority of old, rich, privileged members of the SCOTUS wants to send back to the ELECTED leaders, legislators and supreme court judges on the state level to decide for themselves.

Ironically, back in 1973, it was seven rich, old and privileged (men) who illegally took it upon themselves to dictate their opinions to be the law to millions of Americans.

No state house or state senate voted on it, not governor ever signed off on it, no state supreme court ever heard arguments for or against a valid state law.

Let that sink in.

SCOTUS in 1973.

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