Beta Male Takes to Twitter, Instigates Murdering Justices Thomas and Alito; Twitter Account Still Good-To-Go

Soy Boys “Я” Us must be hiring…

As seen in the tweet below, a veritable no one in the grand scheme of things will still retain his Twitter official “blue checkmark.” Never mind that Simon Gwynn of Great Britain has openly asked the world in general if they would murder U.S. Supreme Court Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito (tweet since deleted).

Interesting that scum like Gwynn, Vladimir Putin and Sayyid Khamenei are all good to go on Twitter, despite Pres. Donald Trump, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn have all been permanently banned.

Funny how the left considers the Musk buyout of Twitter as the worst thing to happen to Western civilization since the Founding Fathers enshrined private firearms ownership into the Second Amendment.

Even more interesting, Twitter saw fit to allow Gwynn (an alleged “journalist” involved in writing about video games) to keep a CYA tweet he shot out.

Referred to his none-too subtle calling for the murder of the two aforementioned Justices, Gwynn falls back on defending himself by calling the initial tweet as nothing more than “thought experiments.”

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