(VIDEO) German Government’s PSA on How to Survive Winter w/o Heating

Wait… doesn’t Germany sit on top of some of the greatest coal reserves on the planet?

When you live with a head buried in the sand, don’t be shocked when you end up with your head buried…

Yeah, things are looking pretty bad in der Land of mein Forefathers.

I can’t help but wonder if Germany will change the lyrics to their National Anthem? Anyone up for “Deutschland, Deutschland friert dir den Arsch ab“?

Keep in mind that Germany is a First-World nation, and we just so happen to be living in the 21st century.

But as Germany (and the most European nations) sexually liberate themselves out of existence, they flood their respective countries with low-skilled, illiterate border jumpers from Third-World Shitholes.

As the Germans, French, British, Swedes, Belgians, etc., sludge their collective ways to become minorities in their own countries, the pool of properly trained personnel to run power plants, water systems, steel mills, sewage systems, the hundreds of logistical and technical steps it takes to get food from the farm to table, etc… I’m sure you get the picture.

Confused? Just look to South Africa to see what happens when all the competent people evaporate.

Sooner or later, Europe will mutate into two new geographical and cultural regions; Northern North Africa and the Western Middle East.

But back to this particular German PSA (Public Service Announcement).

We see an elderly hausfrau freezing her heinie off, obviously due to the electricity or the furnace being cut off, how will she generate some heat in her flat?

But of course, light up every candle in a six block radius. Then slap together a DIY space heater made out of a ceramic flower pot and… you guessed it, more candles.

I wonder what the average number of apartments there are per building in Germany. All those hundreds, if not thousands of open flames in just a singular building, what could go wrong?

Asking the musical question “Was geht, wenn nichts mehr geht?” (“What happens when there is more to do at night?”). The answer? “Katastrophenschutztag” (“Disaster Protection Day”).

Hey, Meine deutschen Kameraden, if you really want to observe an honest Katastrophenschutztag, start with your immigration policy.

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