American Media Yawns; Ghislaine Maxwell Gets Sentence REDUCED, Still No Other Pedos or Sex Slavers Arrested

Still not a victim of Arkancide… yet.

Remember all that talk when Ghislaine Maxwell was found guilty on five sex-slavery related charges?

Oh, how we all looked forward to Maxwell dropping names. That was two-years ago… still no further arrests.

Just to make sure I have this right, Maxwell was convicted two years ago for being the head honchoette for a sex-slave ring consisting of minor girls for a number of rather wealthy men… right?

But for whatever bizarre reason, not a single person has been arrested for at least renting some of these under-age girls (sarcasm, off).

With all that aside, just so you know that the American judicial system is on your side (extra sarcasm, off) Jack Davis of is reporting;

After losing her fight to have her convictions overturned for her role in Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking operation, but at least getting 10 years knocked off her potential maximum sentence, Ghislaine Maxwell was moved out of solitary confinement last week.

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