(VIDEO) Aussies Laser Focus as AOC Again Makes Herself Look Unbelievably Stupid

Good Lord, she’s done it again…

Imagine Don Rickles as a newscaster. That’s Sky News Australia.

A great mixture of hard news and biting sarcasm as only an Aussie can deliver a punchline.

Personally, I sure do wish they were picked up by someone (anyone) here in the States. Even better, if they just went live on Youtube, that would make me one happy retired Marine.

But at least I can still subscribe to their Youtube channel as well as watch selected clips.

With that said, without a doubt, my favorite is Rita Panahi. And yes, I realize this video is a year-old, but the way she slices and dices Leftiecrats is just too good not to share.

Try not to shoot coffee out of your nose as you watch this.

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