(VIDEO) Buckle Up; Liberal Reporter CALLS OUT MSNBC’s Nicole Wallace, ‘The Typhoid Mary of Disinformation’

More like the Bubonic Plague.

I’m fairly sure that I would be hard pressed to find another conservative who wouldn’t qualify reporter Glenn Greenwald as having quite the liberal bent.

Nonetheless, I’ll give the guy two hearty thumbs-up when it comes to an integrity check.

Case in point would be Greenwald’s mini-documentary of MSNBC’s chief propagandist Nicole Wallace.

Or as Greenwald has aptly tagged her, “The Typhoid Mary of Disinformation” (trailer seen below).

Keep in mind, this is the same Nicole Wallace who started her political career in 1999 as Jeb Bush’s press secretary while he was the governor of Florida. From there it was just a hop or two for Wallace to be named as George W. Bush’s Director of Communications in 2005.

Personally, I find it interesting that Greenwald isn’t calling out his fellow newsies for simply being liberal-leaning reporters… he’s hammering them for being flat-out liars.

But first, Greenwald drops a manhole-sized dime on all the RINO scum that oozed out from under Dubya’s administration. From Greenwald’s Substack page (emphasis mine);

The most blatant and shameless liars from the first term of the Bush/Cheney administration have, revealingly, enjoyed great success in media and journalism. That is because serial deceit is not a liability for a thriving career in corporate journalism but rather a vital asset — provided that the lies are in service of ruling class policies. Tawdry propagandists who helped drive post-9/11 America into a bottomless pit of lies and self-destruction have become the most highly-paid and beloved stars of liberal media. They include:

  • Former Bush White House speechwriter David Frum of The Atlantic and CNN;
  • Bush/Cheney CIA and NSA Director Gen. Michael Hayden of CNN;
  • Ubiquitous amoral neocon warmonger Bill Kristol of MSNBC and various #NeverTrump groups;
  • Al-Qaeda/Saddam conspiracy theorist Jeffrey Goldberg, now editor-in-chief of The Atlantic;
  • The various scumbagscon artistspredator-protectors and fraudsters of the Lincoln Project, drowning in #Resistance cash and frequent MSNBC appearances;
  • Pro-war Florida GOP Congressman Joe Scarborough, now a multi-million host of MSNBC’s flagship morning show and anchor of its corporate brand; and,
  • Rep. Liz Cheney, long-time vocal supporter of her father and now a literal “hero” to American media liberals.

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