Spanish News Site Publishes Unverified TRANS Photos of Texas Killer

Left photo of Ramos, right is unverified if Ramos.

It’s already a fact that 18-year-old Salvador Ramos as killed or wounded dozens of people in his sickening murder spree in the small hamlet of Uvalde, Texas.

It’s also a fact that the first person Ramos opened fired upon was, of all people, his own grandmother, whom he was reportedly living with at the time of the shooting.

While the identity of the grandmother has yet to be released to the public, the New York Post is reporting that she is still alive, but has been hospitalized and is “listed in critical condition.”

Yet with Ramos now dead, the only way law enforcement can ever piece together whatever triggered his murderous run will be by way of forensic investigations.

Of course, the theories are flying fast and furious.

One of those would be from the Spain-based digital news site, founded by hard-core conservative and Spanish patriot, Enrique de Diego.

In an auto-translated article reported by Virginia Montes of (emphasis mine);

Not a “white supremacist,” the killer of 19 children and two elementary school teachers, Salvador Ramos was a trans Latino, who took pictures with the rainbow sodomite flag, dressed in skirts and stockings.

Santos Valdez Jr. he told the Washington Post that he and Salvador were friends until “his behavior began to deteriorate.” He says that one day he appeared with his face full of cuts: “He told me that he had cut his face with knives again and again for fun.” Apparently, Salvador Ramos was a shy and apocalyptic boy who had suffered the jokes of his classmates because he stuttered.

Joe Biden, as is the norm of the satanic Democratic Party in its eagerness to disarm the population, as politicians did with Australia and Canada, said that “he was fed up” and that it was necessary to take action, and confront the gun lobby, says the degenerate who is serving the military industrial complex in Ukraine.

Republican Ted Cruz proposed a measure such as putting security guards in schools. It is astonishing that it has not yet been adopted.

In all fairness, none of the photos published by Rambla Libre have independently verified as of Ramos by an objective third-party.

Interestingly enough, the hard leftist-leaning Washington Post may have accidentally leaked a tiny bit of truth.

In an interview with a former acquaintance of Ramos, Stephen Garcia;

One time, he posted a photo of himself wearing black eyeliner, Garcia said, which brought on a slew of comments using a derogatory term for a gay person.

For a moment of personal opinion.

In my experiences in life, any guy living in the Greater Rio Grande Valley of Tejas… Latino, Gringo… whatever, who would post to the internet a photo of himself sporting black eyeliner is either very slowly coming out of the closet and/or dipping his toe into the weird world of Goth.

But that’s just me.

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