(VIDEO) Pro-Abortion Mom Sing-Songs to Her Newborn, ‘I Could Have Killed You’

Moloch, Ba’al, Satan… all the same evil that demands child sacrifice from their own parents.

Much like a large tattoo sported by a young woman on either (or both) of her upper-arm is kind of hot in a trashy trailer park kind of way.

But in reality, as our collective metabolism slows down and both time and gravity takes their toll, that same tattoo becomes quite the source of embarrassment to the kids and grandkids.

Just like Grandma’s tattoo, the internet is forever.

Case in point would be a tweet recently posted by Libs of TikTok. Please note that LoTT never altered, added, subtracted or editorialized this particular video posted by an obviously ardent supporter of infanticide.

One day this mother is going to have to explain to her child how she could have said such things.

Even worse, this child will live with the knowledge that his or her mother laughed and joked about how cheap this child’s life is.

I can’t even imagine what it’s like for a child to live their entire life knowing just how little value their own mother places on their very existence.

This poor kid is going to grow-up with ZERO self-esteem. I simply don’t dare to even guess how this child will eventually lash-out against society… especially in this kid’s formative years

Great job, mom (sarcasm off).

As opined by Olivia Murray of the American Thinker news site (emphasis mine);

In an effort to justify child sacrifice by wrapping it in the phrase “a woman’s choice,” she coos, “I could have killed you, but I chose to let you live.”  The woman then turns to the camera, iterating to the viewer that abortion is entirely a woman’s choice, and mocks those who, understandably, found the video highly disturbing.

Human life is sacred, so to end the life of an innocent person is murder.  Abortion is always murder, and there are no justifications.

When somebody embraces the idea that a mother can dispose of a life she finds inconvenient or simply doesn’t want, there is no end to the depths of that person’s wickedness.  As soon as American culture capitulated to the satanic influence of slaughtering children for [insert arbitrary reason], those who supported abortion went from promoting it as “safe, legal and rare” to “it’s always a woman’s choice.”

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