(VIDEO) Liberal Media CHOKES On Own #FakeNews Lying of Empty Seats at Trump Rally

Never let it be said that the leftist media never misses a chance to push propaganda. President Trump’s weekend rally in Casper, Wyoming is no exception.

RawStory.com got it wrong. The Washington-beat reporter for New York magazine and Vox Media got it wrong. Rolling Stone magazine (as they usually do) got it wrong. The politics reporter for the St. Louis Tribune initially got it wrong, but to his credit, he eventually did correct himself.

Yahoo News cited, “the Ford Wyoming Center, an arena with a 9,700-person capacity, welcomed Trump with a long, standing ovation, thunderous applause, and chants of ‘USA.'”

As reported by WyomingNews.com, “nearly 10,000 Trump supporters” were actually in attendance.

Bryan Schott of the St. Louis Tribune noted after the rally that “nearly 11,000 people” were at the rally.

It took a video from Dan Scavino (of Team Trump) to set the record straight.

Be there 9,700 to 11,000 attendees, drawing a crowd in Wyoming is a tall order.

Please keep in mind that all of the nearly 100,000 square miles of the state of Wyoming has a population only slightly larger than that of the city of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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