(VIDEO) Star Wars Honchoes Fighting a Race War That Never Existed

So how do you start a race war that never existed? Some may say that one would first have to go back in time to a galaxy far, far away.

Without ripping the fabric of time and space, an easier would be just take a peek at the garbage spewing forth from woke SJWs over at LucasFilm.

I’ll readily admit that I haven’t paid money to see a Star Wars flick since 1983, but word on the street is that every new chapter since then has sucked mightily.

Nonetheless, LucasFilm has been pumping-out Star Wars flick one after another for going on the 50-year mark.

With that said, the latest addition to something called the new Obi-Wan Kenobi series for the Disney+ Channel, a new character named “Reva” portrayed by an actress by the name of Moses Ingram is about to make her small screen debut.

Oddly enough, before Ingram’s episode even aired, LucasFilm began a Twitter offensive against alleged racist messages sent to Ingram.

As reported by Brandon Morse of RedState.com (emphasis mine);

The force is stronger with the fans than it is for Star Wars. In a moment of woke virtue signaling, the Twitter account of the collapsing sci-fi series welcomed Moses Ingram to the Star Wars universe as she plays “Reva” in the new Obi-Wan Kenobi series. Instead of just welcoming her and leaving it there, the account didn’t release one, but two tweets about how fans shouldn’t be racist against her.

Searching through Twitter, Reva’s character isn’t without its criticisms, but if there is racism about her it’s been buried underneath legitimate criticisms about the character. This means that Star Wars had to focus on a handful of tweets (if that many because I still haven’t found any) in order to make it seem that any dislike of the character was based on the moral failings of its audience and not the sloppy writing of its creators.

Dear Miss Ingram, thank you for proving just how full of shit you are.

Wanting to be objective, I’ve looked through both Ingram’s Twitter and Instagram accounts.

After roughly two hours of reading one sickening sweet comment after another, I couldn’t find a single posting that was even mildly critical of her acting ability. Zero even close to racism.

Imagine my satisfaction in the knowledge I haven’t contributed a single penny to either LucasFilm or Disney for nearly the past half-century.

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