(VIDEO) ‘I’m a N**ger at Heart’: Democrat Candidate for US Senate Calls for ‘Dope Money’, Needs ‘Secret Sleepers’

How charming…
Between James O’Keefe of project Veritas; California conservative Harmeet K. Dhillon; and reporter Cristina Laila of the Gateway Pundit have informed the world of a leaked phone call recording of South Carolina State Representative and current candidate for the US Senate, Krystle Matthews (D), have with one of her assumed homeboys, currently a guest of Gov. Henry McMaster (R).
On the other side of the phone call in question was a rambunctious young lad by the name of David Solomon Ballard, formerly of Aiken County, but now residing in the Perry Correctional Institution, roughly 10 miles south of Greeneville, SC, a greater area of upwards of 100,000 citizens.
For what it’s worth, Inmate Ballard is doing hard time in the medium security prison for “making threats against Aiken County Sheriff Michael Hunt and injuring a SLED (State Law Enforcement Division) agent after the man was taken into custody” as reported by WRDW out of North Augusta, SC.
Oh, but it doesn’t end there. Ballard “is also charged with assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature, a felony with a penalty upon conviction of up to 20 years in prison.” Keep in mind that all his hijinks took place in 2017.
In the meantime, the stars of State Rep. Krystle Matthews and Inmate David Ballard somehow managed to cross.
Below is a video tweet sent out by conservative lawyer, Harmeet Dhillon, in which she posts the actual leaked phone call, along with subtitles.
But first, here’s a great thumbnail article to whet your appetite from the Gateway Pundit (emphasis mine);

Project Veritas on Sunday released leaked audio of a Democrat US Senate candidate’s phone call with an inmate at Perry Correctional Institution calling for “secret sleepers” to infiltrate the South Carolina Republican party.

“We need some secret sleepers. Like you need them to run as the other side, even though they for our side. And we need them to win,” Krystle Matthews, a Democrat South Carolina State Rep. running for US Senate said in the leaked audio. “We need people to run as Republicans in these local elections. This is the only way you’re gonna change the dynamics in South Carolina.”

“We can wreak havoc for real from the inside out. Then we can flip some sh*t from the inside out.”

Matthews advocated for illegally funding her campaign.

“And I still gotta struggle to raise money for my campaign?” she said. “Where the f*ck is my black people with money? I don’t care about no dope money! Give me that dope boy money!” she said.

“Where the duffel bag boys?”

Matthews complained about black people in South Carolina: “Honestly, these ain’t the same type of black people that I grew up around. I don’t recognize these black people.”

She continued, “Listen, I can move in all kind of circles but I’m a n***** at heart…. I’m very much a n***** in a lot of ways, but I know how to turn it off and turn it on.”

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