VIDEO – Gavin McInnes FLAMES Renown CINO and RINO Anna Navarro as she Cites Mentally Disabled and Autistic Kids as Rational for Abortion

WARNING: Gavin McInnes video may not appeal to the humor-impaired…

What a charmer Anna Navarro is. She has zero problem telling the world what a stellar Catholic and Republican she claims to be.
Well, as once so eloquently stated by Animal Mother in the heart-warming film Full Metal Jacket, “You talk the talk. Do you walk the walk?”
Apparently, Navarro is pretty much familiar with the first part of the movie quote, but woefully lacking in understanding the latter.
Proud Boys founder crushes CNN’s and The View’s Navarro.
As seen in the video below. Navarro blew her claims to both be a faithful Catholic as well as a solid Republican when she claimed that abortion is a legitimate solution to both her brother being ‘mentally disabled’, as well as a step-grand with Down Syndrome, and her ‘very autistic’ step-grandson.
Well, well… so this numb-skull believes that the 10 Commandments only apply while you’re physically in the church itself?
I also get the impression that Navarro is of the opinion that the only useful purpose of GOP party planks are as firewood.
This chick makes Mitt Romney look like Donnie, Jr.

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