(VIDEO) Down’s Syndrome: Abortion Proponents Pick-Up Where Margaret Sanger and the Nazis Left Off

Where do you think Hitler got the idea of exterminating those with disabilities?

The act of killing those based on their genes is (obviously) genocide. I’m no rocket surgeon, but I would surmise that the intentional killing of the disabled would fall into that category.

Here in the Modern Era, it was Margaret “Let’s Kill All The Negroes” Sanger who first proposed the notion of enacting of eliminating “those elements at large in the population whose children are a menace to the national health and well-being” as a national policy.

Teen model Kennedy Garcia.

As we all know, the Nazis were huge proponents of Sanger’s idea of exterminating the disabled. The Holocaust Memorial Day Fund of Britain notes that not only were 360,000 forcibly sterilized, 250,000 were actually put to death.

I can only guess that both Margaret and Adolf would be happy to know that when it comes to slaughtering disabled kids, that particular plan has been carried out with Gestapo-like efficiency well after the fall of the Third Reich.

Case in point, LifeNews.com notes on July 9, 2020, we supposed civilized people here in the Western world have kept the genocide of Down Syndrome kids going for decades.

As noted by reporter Micaiah Bilger of LifeNews.com, here are the approximate percentages of Down Syndrome children killed while still in utero;

  • United States – 67%
  • France – 77%
  • United Kingdom – 90%
  • Iceland – 100%


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