(VIDEO) Moderna’s Latest TV Commercial Touts the Normalizing of Human DNA

I couldn’t help but notice that Moderna, the same folks who’ve sold $19 billion-worth of COVID vaccine so far in 2022 according to CNBC, are now taking to the airwaves telling the world how they’re going to tinker in human DNA.

As seen in the video below, Moderna asks the musical question, “What could one strand of mRNA do?”.

But in light that my junior high science classes are decades old, I thought I should first brush-up on what mRNA is.

According to the good folks at Texas A&M University (emphasis mine);

Cells rely on proteins to carry out the many processes necessary for the body to function. That’s where messenger RNA, or mRNA for short, comes in.

Sections of the DNA code are transcribed into shortened messages that are instructions for making proteins. These messages – the mRNA – are transported out to the main part of the cell. Once the mRNA arrives, the cell can produce particular proteins from these instructions.

Be it known that I’m no micro-biologist nor genetic engineer, but I’m pretty sure that I’m none-too thrilled

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