America LAST: Biden Ships Millions of Gallons of Oil Overseas, COMMUNIST CHINA is One of the Lucky Recipients

Comrade Xi snaps his fingers, Ass Hat Joe jumps.
Does anyone with two brain cells to rub together need further proof that Joe Biden really doesn’t care about the American people?
Even the usually obedient Establishment Media is dropping manhole personhole they/themhole thinghole cover sized dimes on the Geezer-in-Chief.
It’s bad enough that this jackass is emptying the nation’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve to supposedly “bring down” already sky-high gas prices, but now the word’s out that Biden is sending our oil overseas.
As reported by the Reuters news service via Yahoo News (emphasis mine);

More than 5 million barrels of oil that were part of a historic U.S. emergency reserves release to lower domestic fuel prices were exported to Europe and Asia last month, according to data and sources, even as U.S. gasoline and diesel prices hit record highs.

The export of crude and fuel is blunting the impact of the moves by U.S. President Joe Biden to lower record pump prices. Biden on Saturday renewed a call for gasoline suppliers to cut their prices, drawing criticism from Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.

About 1 million barrels per day is being released from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) through October. The flow is draining the SPR, which last month fell to the lowest since 1986. U.S. crude futures are above $100 per barrel and gasoline and diesel prices above $5 a gallon in one-fifth of the nation. U.S. officials have said oil prices could be higher if the SPR had not been tapped.

The fourth-largest U.S. oil refiner, Phillips 66, shipped about 470,000 barrels of sour crude from the Big Hill SPR storage site in Texas to Trieste, Italy, according to U.S. Customs data. Trieste is home to a pipeline that sends oil to refineries in central Europe.

Atlantic Trading & Marketing (ATMI), an arm of French oil major TotalEnergies, exported 2 cargoes of 560,000 barrels each, the data showed.

Cargoes of SPR crude were also headed to the Netherlands and to a Reliance refinery in India, an industry source said. A third cargo headed to China, another source said.

Just so you know, a barrel of oil is actually a unit of measurement. One barrel equals 42 gallons.
Just on the shipments to the Italians and the French, approximately 66.8 million gallons of oil was taken from our emergency supply.
The amounts headed to the Dutch, Indians and Chinese remains unknown.
Looks to me like this is the price we pay to be part of the “Liberal World Order.”



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