(VIDEO) This is the Democrat Party: Crazed Pro-Abortion Protester, ‘We Love Killing Babies!’

Do you still think that Demonic Possession is just something from the Middle Ages?

I really doesn’t take all that much to stress-out leftists to force them to reveal just how filthy and disgusting they really are.

Case in point would be the modern-day lovers of Ba’al marching in front of the Chinese Occupied-White House today.

As seen in the video below, one of the pro-abortion marchers was seen screaming, “We love killing babies!”

Keep in mind that she was standing directly in front of a pro-life illustration of exactly what an abortion results in.

Even though she had seen with her own eyes what a dismemberment abortion looks like, instead of softening her heart, her inner Satanist was instead brought to the surface.


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