(VIDEO) Inside Info: Tucker Carlson Claims Biden Pumped Full of Drugs to Keep Him Coherent

Interesting happenings over at Fox News. While I’ve never agreed with Tucker Carlson 100 percent of the time, I’ve always been of the opinion that if he were to ever drop a bombshell on whoever, he’d at least make sure he had all his ducks in a row.
With that said, Carlson just went public stating that the only reason Biden comes off as at least partially coherent, it’s because he’s being doped-up. Not quite done yet, Carlson claims the individual in charge of pumping Slow Joe full of drugs; his own wife, Jill Biden.
Personally, I’ve had the gut feeling for the past couple of years that this certainly is the case. But like I said, this is just a gut feeling.
Other than that, the only connecting thread between my gut feeling and Carlson’s accusation is that neither of us have any proof. Or in Carlson’s case, hasn’t made any of his alleged proof known to the American people.

“How did he manage to get through the campaign? Well, it turned out, we learned later his staff, supervised by Dr. Jill, his wife, was giving him pills before every public appearance–checking the time and at a certain hour giving him a dose of something.

Now it’s not a guess, we’re not making that up. We’ve spoken directly to someone who was there and saw it happen multiple times.

Now, before taking the medications this person said, Biden was quote ‘Like a small child. You could not communicate with him, he changed completely because he was on drugs and he clearly still is on drugs.’ Someone’s pushing, we don’t know what those drugs are. We should know.”


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