Oh, Canada! – Leading Cause of Death in Alberta; ‘Unknown Causes’

Are you really sure you don’t know the reasons?
Canada is known for many a thing: Politeness to a fault, Rush, unbelievably cold winters, exceptional beer, etc.
On the other side of the coin would be the (liberal) Canadian obsession with ignoring the obvious.
I know that things are fairly insane in the land of Justin Casteau, but does any rational human being capable of rubbing two brain cells together honestly fail to understand why thousands of deaths are taking place in the province of Alberta.
As recently noted by LifeSiteNews.com, the number one cause of death in Alberta is… wait for it… “Unknown causes.”
But first, please keep in mind that Alberta is quite the rural province. The population is a mere 3.3 million, roughly the same as the New York City borough of Manhattan
Nonetheless, when your ichiban cause of death is the sickness whose name shalt not be said, that certainly would give one pause.
And never mind the “experts” who fall back in official sounding double-talk instead of straightforward answers.
As reported by the good folks at LifeSiteNews.com (emphasis mine);

New data out of the Canadian province of Alberta shows that the number of deaths attributed to “ill-defined and unknown causes” in 2021 was double that of 2020 and over six times that of 2019. 

The official government data, published by Service Alberta on June 30, specified that the “ill-defined and unknown causes of mortality” category was the leading cause of death in 2021, accounting for a whopping 3,362 deaths. In 2020 and 2019, the number of deaths in that same category were just 1,464 and 522 respectively.  

Despite the COVID hysteria perpetuated by the government and mainstream media, leading to the implementation of a vaccine passport system and lockdowns in Alberta, deaths by “unknown causes” outpaced coronavirus deaths by 1,412.

Same populations.

In fact, COVID ranked third on the list during the height of the so-called pandemic, behind both “unknown causes” and “organic dementia.” 

Doctors seem largely unsure of what is causing the increase in mysterious deaths, with Dr. Daniel Gregson, an associate professor in the Cumming School of Medicine at the University of Calgary, telling CTV News that the problem is likely “multifactorial.” 

In his list of factors, Gregson pointed to post-COVID complications and delayed access to healthcare as possible explanations.  

Many however, have pointed to the mass administration of the experimental COVID-19 vaccines as a more likely explanation, given the millions of injuries and thousands of deaths reported following reception of the jabs.  


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