VIDEO – NIMBY: Texas Gov. Abbot Shoves Illegals Down the Throat of NYC’s Mayor Adams

Isn’t this what you’ve wanted all along?
Personally, whenever I happen to engage in conversation with those of the opinion that the world doesn’t need borders, I usually choose one of two tracks for the discussion;
  1. If you really believe in what you say, then back it up by taking all the doors to your home off their hinges.
  2. When do we say “enough”? Twenty million… 50 million… 100 million? Hey, let’s shoot for the moon, why not one or two billion?
With that aside, if Gotham’s mayor wants to constantly crow about how wonderful his city is for newcomers, he can either put-up or shut-up.
Nonetheless, the limousine liberals are in complete and total melt-down in regard to Texas  Gov. Greg Abbot giving them exactly what they asked for.
As reported by Emma James of Britain’s Daily Mail (emphasis mine);

The first bus of migrants sent from Texas by Governor Greg Abbott arrived in New York City on Friday morning.

The group was dropped off at Port Authority Bus Terminal in Manhattan after making the almost 2,000-mile trip from the border that lasted days.

A group of charity workers and volunteers greeted the roughly 50 migrants, who were mostly men, before they ventured into the city for hotels or shelters.

The first footage of the bus arriving in New York at 6.30am Friday was captured by Fox News.

The Big Apple now joins Washington D.C. as a drop-off location for migrants who have recently crossed from Central America, have been processed and are awaiting their immigration court dates.

The Biden administration has accused Republican states of using migrants as a ‘political ploy’ and D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser last week said the buses are causing a ‘humanitarian crisis’ in the nation’s capital.

She called in the National Guard to assist with the more than 5,000 migrants who have been sent to D.C.


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