(VIDEO) If You Thought Sleepy Joe’s Sniffer Videos Were Creepy…

Of course, we’ve all seen the pics of Creepy Joe Biden sniffing women’s hair. Or even worse, him getting all freaky-deaky fondling a pre-pubescent little girl’s nipple.

As cringy and disturbing as the many, many times Biden has been… “inappropriate, shall I say… when within the molestation burst radius of the Fairer Sex, the below video clip rates right up there in the Biden crime family’s Wall of Shame.

Just my take, but here are the two things that screamed out to me;

  1. Why is New York’s Chuck Schumer hovering over Biden like a vulture waiting for flesh to turn to carrion?
  2. Did anyone else notice the look of total confusion and disorientation after Biden signed that bill into law? Might be time to up the dosage for his Adderall, Ritalin and Wellbutrin.

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