(VIDEO) Looking Too Long at Someone Now Strictly Verboten: Australian Night Club Goes Full-Woke

Leftist control of individual freedom has reached a new level of absurdity in a Sydney nightclub all in the name of maintaining a so-called “safe space.”

“Club 77” in Australia’s largest city of Sydney has just instituted pink-clad “safety officers” to mingle in with the crowd and give the boot to any patron who has been staring too long at anyone without prior “verbal consent” is given.

Be advised that those who are found guilty of Staring in the 1st Degree, not only will you get kicked out, you WILL have the police called on you.

As reported by the good folks over at the New York Post (emphasis mine);

A nightclub in Sydney, Australia has banned staring unless the person doing the staring gets the prior consent of the person they are staring at to continue staring.

It also discouraged people from coming if their “sole purpose” was to meet someone to “pick up”.

Club 77 in Darlinghurst, in Sydney’s inner east, gave staring as an example of an action that would be in contravention of its new safety and harassment policy.

In an Instagram post from earlier this month, the club said “safety officers” in pink vests would enforce the staring rules.

Club 77 said it wanted to remain a “safe space” and so had updated its rules because it had recently, “attracted some people who do not share our values and ethics when it comes to club culture”.

“Creating a safe space goes beyond implementing practices to deal with incidents after they have happened.

“We also have an obligation to educate new club-goers and help them understand what is considered unacceptable behaviour inside the venue and on the dance floor.”

It added that if, “you do come in and are approaching multiple people or giving unwanted attention to someone, you are going to attract the attention of our security, who have been instructed to stop this kind of behaviour”.

The venue’s policy, first reported by the Daily Telegraph, said it encouraged people to “interact with strangers” but “any engagement MUST begin with verbal consent”.

Where the line was between innocently trying to make eye contact and staring was not fully explained.

But it was suggested that simply if the person being glanced at took offence, the clubber looking in their direction could be kicked out.

“If you are, for example, staring at someone from afar – if the attention you are giving someone is unwanted, that is considered harassment.

“We adopt a policy of ‘always believe the report’ in cases of harassment and feeling unsafe.

“If we receive reports of any behaviour that has made someone feel uncomfortable, the reported individual will be removed from the venue and the police will be called,” the policy sated.

Maybe this makes me a bad person, but I can’t wait for Club 77 to go out of business.

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