(VIDEO) Principal Admits to Purposefully NOT Hiring Catholics and Conservatives

Answer: “You don’t hire them.”
Liberal Northerners have the audacity to slander the South by accusing every white Southerner as being at least very secretive supporters of the KKK.
However, it’s blatantly obvious that the real secretive Klansmen are quite active in the very Northern state of KonneKtiKut.
But a quick aside – keep in mind that not all that long ago, the Klan would joke that the correct abbreviation for their organization was actually aimed at who they hated the most: “Ko*ns, Kik*s, Katholics.”
Now back to the topic at hand. The head honcho over at Project Veritas, James O’Keefe, has made public a candid video of the Assistant Principal Jeremy Boland of Cos Cob Elementary School located in the screamingly wealthy (and liberal) town of Greenwich, Connecticut.
As seen in the video below;

Woman: “So then, what do you do with the Catholics.? How do you find out if someone is Catholic, then what?”

Boland: “You don’t hire them.”

Boland: “The open-minded, more progressive teachers are actually more savvy about delivering a Democratic message without really ever having to mention their politics.”

Still think public schools aren’t incubators of hard-left lil’ pint-sized communists?
Anyhow, I’m sure you noticed that the group of citizens protesting included a Catholic priest.
One box checked off.
Also, I’m sure you heard the Republican candidate for the US Senate, Leora Levy. BTW, she’s Cuban-born and Jewish.
Second box checked off.
Lastly, have you heard of the Democrat “monkey” swipe they took at a black Republican running for the US House?
As seen in the tweet below (since deleted), the Democrats in the Nutmeg State have opened fire on former State Senator George S. Logan, comparing him to Curious George.
Third box checked off.
The modern-day KKK is alive and well. Not in Alabama or South Carolina, but in the poster-state for Yankee Liberalism.











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