Arizona Voter Fraud, Part II; Maricopa County Caught Tipping the Scales to Favor Democrats

Maybe I’m just jaded when it comes to supposed “Free and fair elections” here in the good ol’ US of A.
I’m of the opinion that the Democrats absolutely stole the election back in 2020. What concrete actions have there been to convince me otherwise? Not a whole helluva lot.
Pretty much all I’ve seen from the leftie elitist media is that “certain polls” are noting that the Dems may not be in for the electoral ass-whoopin’ that common sense dictates they’ll see this November.
Polls conducted by the New York Times, MSNBC, the Washington Post. Nothing to look too deeply into… move along.
By the way, I realize that I’m revealing my inner-political nerd, but I actually enjoy diving neck-deep into the wherefores and the whys of polls.
If you should desire to look deep in the weeds, don’t be shocked to find out that example: the opinion of a black, registered Democrat woman from Chicago is weighed greater than say… that of a white, registered Republican man from Pensacola, Florida.
Bottom line, the poll takers can skew the numbers any direction their little heart’s desire.
Again, color me jaded, but the Dems proved they could steal election in 2020, what makes anyone think they won’t do the same in 2022?
But back to the topic at hand.
As noted by reporter Jordan Dixon-Hamilton of, the powers-to-be in Maricopa Country, Arizona, have just been caught with their thumbs on the scales (emphasis mine);

The Republican National Committee (RNC) is demanding answers from Maricopa County officials after they appointed fewer Republican poll workers than Democrats, despite a legal obligation to have an equal number of poll workers, according to a letter obtained by Breitbart News.

Arizona law requires election officials to hire “an equal number” of Republican and Democrat election inspectors at all voting locations.

However, Maricopa county, which was the focus of several lawsuits and a contested recount stemming from the 2020 presidential election, hired over 100 more Democrat poll workers than Republicans during its August primary elections.

While Maricopa county hired 857 Democrat poll workers, the county only had 712 Republicans.

In a letter sent to Maricopa County Attorney’s office, Eric H. Spencer, who works for a firm that represents the RNC with respect to oversight of Arizona election administration, demanded answers about the disparity in poll workers.

Although Maricopa County Republican Committee chairwoman Mickie Niland provided the county with a list of “several hundred” Republican poll worker names ahead of the primary election, the letter revealed that 11 vote centers ended up with no GOP election inspectors at all.

I really do hope I’m wrong, but I honestly won’t be shocked that the GOP will not take back both the House and Senate in a month-and-a-half.
After all, The Swamp is wide and deep. They proved they could do it once, why not again?

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