NBC News Runs with It, then Deletes It: ‘Founding Member’ of Refugee Foundation Compares Illegal Aliens to ‘TRASH’

I realize that I’m putting the cart ahead of the horse, but if NBC Latino didn’t agree with the sentiment quoted, then why did they delete if in breakneck speed?

A voice of sanity.

Here’s what’s up; some anonymous “founding member of a foundation which helps refugees” are all butthurt over Florida’s Gov. Ron DeSantis spreading the illegal alien burden (48 in total) with the ultra-lefties residing in Martha’s Vinyard.

Never mind that Joe Biden has been shipping thousands upon thousands of illegals all over the country since day one.

As have leftist mayors Eric Adams, Lori Lightfoot and Muriel Bowser. But that’s a different article for a later time.

In the meantime, Breitbart.com reporter Kristina Wong pretty much nailed it when she tweeted a fairly pointed barb at NBC News, “Didn’t think that one through, did ya?”

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