(VIDEO) Eejit of the Week: Anti-Fossil Fuel Activist Sets Himself on Fire with Fossil Fuel

Oh, the irony.
Known to the world by the mononym of Kai, it’s a safe bet young Kai has never been introduced to the wonderful world of eating dead animals, but that’s just me.
However, this budding ectomorph has just earned his 15-minutes of fame the hard way.
As it turns out, Kai is some sort of self-proclaimed “Climate activist.” Evidenced by his “End UK Private Jets” t-shirt as well as a tweet (below) from some group known by the same name of the text of the shirt, both Kai and his cohorts an no fans of fossil fuels.
But as reported by the good folks over at The Telegraph of London, Kai “Poured what appeared to be lighter fluid on himself before setting his arm on fire while sitting on the tennis court.”
Now I may be the most flammable matchstick in the box, but isn’t lighter fluid a petroleum solvent? Petroleum comes from oil, and oil is a fossil fuel.
While I’m at it, isn’t that a butane lighter in his non-flaming hand? Butane happens to be a liquefied petroleum gas. Again, petroleum comes from oil, and oil is a fossil fuel.
But wait, there’s more.
The lighter itself is mostly made from hard plastic, which we all know starts its life from crude oil.
And those undoubtedly expensive running shoes? You guessed it… fossil fuels.
Nearly all running shoes are manufactured with decent amount of ethylene vinyl acetate, plastics and nylon.
Two words. “Fossil” and “Fuels.”
Of course, even the clothes he’s wearing would have never been processed, manufactured shipped to his favorite conglomerate clothing box store had it not been for fossil fuels.
I just can’t help but wonder if Kai’s next gig will be with Screwing for Virginity?

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