(VIDEO) Like Sheep to Slaughter: Russian Reservists Already in Ukraine

That’s gonna leave a mark.
I’ll readily admit that I’m not really as knowledgeable of how the Russian armed forces structures are in regard to their reserve forces, but I will state in reasonable confidence that they are massively screwing up.
For whatever twisted, bizarre reasons, Moscow already has at least some of the 300,000 reservists are already in Ukraine. Presumably, already in combat.
As a retired active duty US Marine, I can say in all confidence that our reservists (at every level) will and do receive additional training well before being sent directly to an active combat zone.
That aside, two different reliable and verifiable news sources (Britain’s the Daily Mail and the USA’s Yahoo News) are noting everything from “Newly arrived troops have had no training prior to being deployed,” to the same reservists being utilized to “Plug holes in Russian units that have been mauled in more-than seven months of fighting.”
Daily Mail cites (emphasis mine);

Russian conscripts with no training have already been thrown on to the frontlines in UkraineKyiv‘s generals have said.

Drafted civilians are being used to plug holes in Russian units that have been mauled in more-than seven months of fighting, the Ukrainian general staff said, which will badly affect their morale, ‘psychological state’ and combat performance.

Meanwhile British intelligence said none of the tens of thousands of conscripts called up so far are likely to receive good training, as most of Russia’s instructors have been sent away to fight.

Yahoo News is on record with (emphasis mine);

The General Staff reported that units of the 1st Tank Regiment of the 2nd Motor Rifle Division of the 1st Guards Tank Army, which are departing for the combat zone, have received reinforcements. The newly arrived troops have had no training prior to being deployed.

In addition to partial mobilisation [announced on 21 September], the military-political leadership of the Russian Federation is continuing to roll out a so-called “self-mobilisation” [i.e., offering persons serving time for criminal offences an opportunity to fight in exchange, allegedly, for freedom – ed.].

Persons convicted of criminal offences are joining units that are already fighting in Ukraine.

As for as the United States goes, our system of reservists are as follows;
  1. The National Guard: Unless federalized, each state’s and territory’s National Guard is answerable the state/territorial governor.
  2. The Regular Reserve: Those who initially enlist for a six-year period of time, receive initial and occupational training, then serve one-weekend a month, then two-weeks once a year.
  3. Individual Ready Reserve: Unless things have changed since I first signed up, everyone who enlists on active duty will serve three, four or six year-long contracts. But what a lot of Americans are unaware of is that everyone signs up for eight years. Example: Pvt. Jones enlists for 3-yrs active duty. He does his time, gets an honorable discharge, all that Jazz. Jones is still on the hook for five more years. He can let his hair grow out, whatever… but if SHTF, Uncle Sam still has his hooks on young Mr. Jones.
  4. Fleet Reserve: I’m sure all the other branches of the armed forces have their equivalent, but for those in the Sea Services who make a career of the military have until the 30-year mark for the government to recall them. Example: I served for 20-years. But if things REALLY got bad, they had me on the hook for another 10-years.

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