San Francisco Monkeypox Injections: Straight White Folks to the Back of the Line

“The three gay guys, no problem. The straight white chick, no way.”
Dear City of San Francisco Department of Public Health, thank you for not prioritizing heterosexuals whose family lineage is European. In full disclosure, I will say that at least half of my bloodlines are from the Mariana Islands of the Western Pacific.
Anyhow, when I say “Thank you” it’s for giving low priority to at least two demographics for the poison that the taxpayers of San Francisco paid for.
As seen in the tweet below, I suddenly have the urge to go out and buy some Candace Owens/Kanye West long sleeves.
Even better, if I was a conspiracy minded individual, I just might push the agenda that the SFDPH was purposefully experimenting on blacks, Latinos, East Asians, homosexuals, lesbians, the genitalian confused and assorted hookers and whores.

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