Election Software CEO Arrested for Stealing Election Info, Data Stored in Communist Chinese Servers

Fox News refers to anyone who questions the 2020 presidential election as “Election deniers.” Same goes for Newsweek magazine.
Pretty much the left-leaning Deep Media has across the board has labeled anyone with the audacity to wonder aloud about the 4 AM “Biden Bump”… we’re all “Deniers.”
Amazingly enough, in the same Fox News and Newsweek articles that tagged is as “Deniers”, they’re actually calling themselves out by proving our point.
As noted by Fox News (emphasis mine);

The founder and CEO of a software company targeted by election deniers was arrested Tuesday on suspicion of stealing data on hundreds of Los Angeles County poll workers.

Konnech Corporation’s Eugene Yu, 51, was arrested in Meridian Township in [Ingham County] Michigan and held on suspicion of theft of personal identifying information, while computer hard drives and other “digital evidence” were seized by investigators from the county district attorney’s office, according to the office.

Konnech was required to keep the data in the United States and only provide access to citizens and permanent residents but instead stored it on servers in the People’s Republic of China, the DA’s office said.

Not to be outdone, as reported by Newsweek via MSN.com (emphasis mine);

A number of election deniers have praised the arrest of a CEO of a software company on suspicion of stealing data of Los Angeles County poll workers.

Konnech CEO Eugene Yu, has been arrested suspicion of theft of personal identifying information in relation to his poll worker software.

Eugene Yu, founder of Michigan-based Konnech Corporation, a company which has been the target of 2020 election conspiracy theorists, is accused of theft of personal information, with hard drives and other digital evidence seized by the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office.

The District Attorney’s Office said in a statement on Tuesday that Konnech won a $2.9 million, five-year contract with LA County for its PollChief software, which tracks election workers’ assignments, communications and payroll.

As part of the contract Konnech was supposed to keep the data in the United States, and only allow permanent residents to have access to it. However, the information was stored on servers in China, according to the DA’s office.

However, what both Fox News and Newsweek failed to note was info published by GatewayPundit.com (same info in Rumble video, emphasis mine);

Mr. Yu has substantial ties to the country of China.

He maintains relationships with family and friends in China.

He also has extensive and significant business relationships in the country of China.

He also has business relationships with other countries outside of the United States.

In addition, when he was arrested yesterday, he was arrested with a backpack or luggage, and he was, in fact, on his way to the airport. I do not have confirmation as to where he was going, but he was on his way to leaving the state of Michigan.

In addition to having his luggage with him, I was notified yesterday that his cell phone was left at his residence in Meridian Township. Mr. Yu is the owner of a business or businesses that are technology based. He is a technologically savvy individual, so in our view—leaving his cell phone behind when he was going to another state is suspicious.

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