New Hummer EV: Replacing Tail-Lights a Whopping $8,000 Total Cost

Without a doubt, the new GMAC Hummer EV looks sweet. I’d go as far as opining that it’s the perfect means of conveyance for your standard issue Beta Male experiencing delusions of adequacy.
But there’s more than psychological trucknutz triggers built into the new Hummer.
This beast weights a ton. No, make that four-and-a-half tons, as noted by the everything-cars It doesn’t end there. Edmunds also reported;

The Ultium battery pack weighs 2,923 pounds, meaning that the battery pack alone outweighs GM’s lightest car, the Chevrolet Spark.

Of course, being one of the heaviest production family vehicles on the road, it’s a fair bet the 2022 Hummer EV is also rather hefty when it comes to the price tag.
One need to go no further than Car and Driver magazine than to see the price tag starts at an eye-popping $110,295. Keep in mind, that’s just the starting price.
Needless to say, it’s pretty obvious that any vehicle whose starting price is over $100K will also have repair of replacement costs tilting towards the expensive side.
But upwards of $8,000 to purchase and install a set of tail-lights? Well… yeah.
Reporter Mack Hogan of (emphasis mine);

The great thing about American trucks is that, generally speaking, even when they break it’s not a big deal. They’re built in such large volumes with such simple parts that most jobs can be done in an Autozone parking lot with off-the-shelf replacements. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for the GMC Hummer. Because one owner just found out how much a tail light costs to replace and, well, yowch.

The owner said he was quoted $4040 for one taillightThe Drive, after hearing this claim, did some digging to find the list price of the part itself. Turns out, each taillight retails for $3,045.48. Add in labor, taxes, and fees, and you could be looking at $7000-$8000 for a full set. For parts that are on the corner of the car, right next to where heavy cargo will be loaded in, and much more brittle than most parts. That’s a recipe for some uncomfortable bills down the line.

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