(VIDEO) Like Clockwork, 20 Percent of Arizona’s Maricopa Co. Voting Machines Malfunctioning

Coming as a surprise to no one, the most populous county in Arizona is having trouble with their voting machines… again.
As it turns out, one-in-five of Maricopa County’s voting machines as not accepting ballots already filled-out, but throwing the ballots back into the faces of frustrated voters.
Reporter Caitlin McFall of Fox News notes (emphasis mine);

Arizona officials in Maricopa County on Tuesday said that roughly 20% of their polling sites were experiencing “issues” with tabulation machines just hours after Election Day polls opened.

“Unfortunately we’ve had some hiccups with about 20% of these tabulators,” Chairman to the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Bill Gates told Fox News.

Gates said an issue has arisen when people attempt to run their ballots through the tabulator and are unable to successfully do so as their ballots are being spit back out at them.

But wait, there’s more.
For those still gullible enough to believe that the DNC’s Ministry of Truth (AKA: “The Establishment Media“) has even a speck of journalistic integrity, check out the headline from the Daily Beast via Yahoo News;

Far-Right Freaks Out Over ‘Ordinary’ Voting Machine Issues in Arizona

Nothing to see here… move along.

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