The Signs of a Brewing Civil War; Report That 1-in-179 Americans Will be Murdered

To say that America is falling apart is a massive understatement. The national economy’s a wreck. Anyone who’s paid for gas and groceries in the past year-and-a-half knows exactly what I’m talking about.
And it’s not confined to our borders. On the world scene, our allies no longer trust us and our enemies sure as hell aren’t afraid of us.
But in spite of the ever-decreasing buying power of the US dollar, there’s a new sign of the very possible shape of things to come.
Turns out that if things don’t change really soon, the chances of one in every 179 Americans will be the victims of murder will no longer be just mere conjecture, but fact.
As reported by Emma Colton of Fox News (emphasis mine);

A study examining murders in 2021 based on death certificate data projects that one out 179 Americans will eventually be murdered over the course of their lifetimes if the country’s murder rate remains at 2021 levels.

“That means if you’re in the United States, you live here, you’re born and you spend your life here, your odds of your life ending by murder are one in 179 over your life. Not over a year or any other timeframe.”

“It’s just somebody’s gonna murder you before you die of natural causes, an accident, suicide, whatever it may be,” Jim Agresti, president and co-founder of Just Facts, a nonprofit research institute, told Fox News Digital. Agresti also authored the study.

Just Facts undertook a massive project to examine how many people were murdered in 2021 after weeks of news outlets and experts reporting there is no definitive figure for 2021 murders due to newly-released FBI data for that year being incomplete and based on estimates.

The FBI switched to a new recording program at the start of 2021 called the National Incident-Based Reporting System that aims to provide a more thorough snapshot of offenses, such as what weapons were used in an incident, types of property stolen and more detailed demographic information on victims and perpetrators of crimes.

But nearly 40% of police departments nationwide did not provide complete data on 2021 crime to the FBI by the March deadline of this year.

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