(VIDEO) House GOP Strikes Back HARD on the Biden Crime Family; Forget About the Democrat, RINO and Media Attempts to Distract Us with Trump Smears

Obey your master.

What a happy morning it’s been. First thing I see on TV is Representatives James Comer (R-KY) and Jim Jordan (R-OH) hosting a House presser involving the Biden Crime Family.

Never mind how hard the Left is trying to distract us with their resurrecting the old and stale rants about how evil President Trump supposedly is.

Thankfully, Reps. Comer and Jordan are keeping their eyes on the ball in what could best be described as a bombshell of a press conference. Here are just some of the highlights;

  • Joe Biden was aware of crimes taking place, but “Turned a blind eye.”
  • SARs (Suspicious Activity Reports) from financial institutions regarding Hunter Biden engaged in influence peddling, prostitution rings and international human trafficking. All the while Joe Biden took a percentage of the take.
  • The Biden family “Co-mingled” illegally gained funds with legitimate bank accounts.
  • The Biden family plans to sell cobalt to Communist China.
  • Joe and Hunter Biden complicit in a plan for the Communist Chinese to purchase American liquified natural gas, as well as for the same Communist Chinese to “Get their foot in the door” for taking control of American drilling companies.

Instead of me wasting your time, I’ll just post the C-SPAN video below in its entirety so you can see the news conference for yourself.

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