(VIDEO) Gridiron Joe Caught in Yet Another Lie


When Joe Biden was asked his thoughts of the House Republicans set investigate to the figurative tons of evidence linking Biden to various crimes ranging from influence peddling to international human trafficking (otherwise known as “The slave trade), the best answer Biden could muster was (as seen in the video below);

“‘Lots of luck in your senior year’ as my coach use to say.”

What coach? The tiddley-winks coach? The hopscotch coach?

While his history of athletic achievement prior to becoming a Delaware Fighting Blue Hen is pretty much a self-imposed rarity, Joe has relegated to anyone who would listen of his gridiron prowess at the U of D.

The only problem? Joe was never on the varsity team. The closest he ever made it to football glory was as a member of the JV, back then known as “The freshman team.”

As reported by the New York Post (emphasis mine);

Biden, in a speech in Syracuse, N.Y., told a story about where he met his first wife, the late Neilia Hunter Biden, and alleged he quit the football team at the University of Delaware to be with her.

“I married a beautiful woman from Skaneateles Lake,” Biden said of Neilia Hunter. “I met her on spring break and fell head over heels in love with her and gave up a starting job on the football team in Delaware to come up … every weekend because I couldn’t stay away.”

Biden wrote in his memoir, “Promises to Keep,” in 2008 that he quit football after the fall season in 1963 to focus on his studies. According to the Daily Pennsylvanian, he had a 1.9 GPA at the time.

According to the paper, Biden tried to make the team his junior year but decided to pursue Neilia instead.

Biden had also mentioned in a 2012 campaign stop that he was on the Delaware team as a freshman in 1963 when the Blue Hens topped the Ohio Bobcats.

The University of Delaware told the Huffington Post in 2012 that Biden didn’t play in that game and, according to the Daily Pennsylvanian, prior to 1972 freshmen were only allowed to play on freshmen teams.

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