(VIDEO) AG Merrick Garland Goes After Trump Based on Trump Running for President

Lavrentiy Beria and Merrick Garland.
Just about everyone recognizes the individual on the right in the above photo. Of course, that’s the US Attorney General Merrick Garland.
However, the individual on the left is unfamiliar to most Americans. The guy with all the medals would be Marshal of the Soviet Union Lavrentiy Beria. It was Beria who was responsible for millions of deaths. Being in charge of the USSR’s forerunner of the KGB (the NKVD – The People’s Commissariat for Internal Affairs; Naródnyy komissariát vnútrennikh del) ensured Beria’s place in history as Stalin’s hitman.
Cementing his legacy as little more than a murderous thug, it was Beria’s own quote in which he praised himself for his ability to terrorize, torture, imprison or murder anyone whom he knew damn-good-and-well were guilty of nothing;

Show me the man and I’ll show you the crime.

If it’s possible to smile if your soul’s Hell, Beria is surely looking up with a grin a mile wide.
As seen in the video below, Garland has ordered yet another prosecution against President Trump.
Interestingly enough, based on that both President Trump and Joe Biden have openly stated they’ll both run for the presidency in 2024, this is why Garland has authorized another investigation.
Three questions I’d like to ask;
  1. Who’s the only person Merrick Garland answers to?
  2. Why is one of Garland’s main reasons for investigating President Trump is due to his announcement of another run for the Oval Office?
  3. If President Trump never announced his candidacy, is there still evidence of him committing some sort of crime?
This whole thing’s just a scam. Only the incurably stupid and hard-core Democrats refuse to see this farce for what it truly is.

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