Big, Black and Scary; Libs (Again) Promising to Outlaw ‘Assault’ Weapons

There’s been a spate of shooting as of late. Of course, the political left has their collective panties in a wad.
Case in point: The firearm below specifically is a Ruger Precision Rimfire Tactical Gray Bolt Action Rifle.
Wow, that’s a mouthful, huh? Other than the rather military sounding name, there’s little doubt that this particular weapon would be the very same style that liberals are frothing over in their call to ban “assault” weapons.
Never mind that this particular arm only shoots a projectile roughly one-fourth the length of an average man’s pinky fingernail (length: 0.48 inches).
By the way, you guessed it. The photo below is of a mere .22 LR.

Also keep in mind that this is something called a bolt-action rifle, meaning this particular type of weapon doesn’t exactly pump out a lot of rounds in a short period to time. By the way, the world record for firing a bolt action weapon at 300 yards, then hitting a 12-inch-wide target within one full minute is a mere 38.
I think I’m a fairly good shot, but I would considerate it a very good day of shooting if I could score 10.
But back to the topic at hand. In spite of the fact that the overwhelming majority of weapons that the left wants to ban are far from being true “assault” weapons, know that just about anything could be used as an assault weapon.
Let me point out a few;
Assault water.
Assault prison toothbrush.
Assault marshmallow (double weapon-mode; sharp stick and flame-thrower engaged).
Assault butterknife.
Assault pencils.
Assault open cabinet door.
Assault Oldsmobile Delta 88 (legal in Massachusetts).
Assault anvil.
Assault woodchipper in full Buscemi-mode.
Assault stick (American manufactured).
Assault stick with attachable garden spade (British manufactured).
Assault sticks (homosexual grade, Irish manufactured).

Then comes the movie glorified Assault porno mag.

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