(VIDEO) Justice Gorsuch Slams the Colorado Gov’t Attempt to Force Christian Businessman to ‘Reeducation Program’

Wow. Just wow. Justice Neil Gorsuch just dropped a truth bomb directly on the head of Colorado solicitor general Eric Olson.
Perhaps taking their que from Chairman Mao or General Secretary Stalin, The Centennial State has been called out by Associate Justice Gorsuch for attempting to force Christians to attend “Reeducation” training.
Here’s what’s up. The SCOTUS has started hearing oral arguments in the case of 303 Creative LLC v. Elenis. 
Long story short, a Christian web developer in Colorado, Lorie Smith, has openly stated that on the grounds of her personal religious beliefs, she should never be forced to take on as a client(s) anyone promoting same-sex so-called “marriages.”
As reported by the National Review on Dec. 2, 2022 (emphasis mine);

[The case] involves a Colorado plaintiff, Lorie Smith, who wants to expand her business as a graphic artist and website designer to weddings. Smith embraces the traditional definition of marriage as a function of religious belief. While her services are open to everyone, she does not want to be forced to communicate messages or promote events that are inconsistent with her religious beliefs. She therefore does not want to be forced to promote same-sex weddings, but that is precisely how (as in Jack Phillips’ case [the 2018, Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission case]) state officials apply the Colorado Anti-Discrimination Act (CADA).

A few short days later, oral arguments began. As reported by the National Review on Dec. 5, 2022 (emphasis mine);

Justice Gorsuch slammed the State of Colorado on Monday for forcing a Christian baker to undergo a “reeducation program” after he refused to create a custom cake celebrating a same-sex marriage on the grounds that it violated his religious convictions.

The comment came during opening arguments before the Supreme Court on a case involving a Christian web designer who said she would refuse to produce a personalized website advertising a same-sex wedding if a client came to her seeking such a site.

In 2018, the Court handed a narrow victory to cake artist Jack Phillips in Masterpiece Cakeshop, ruling that the Colorado Civil Rights Commission acted with unusual religious animus in 2012 when it ordered Phillips and his staff to receive anti-discrimination training. However, the decision did not make a major judgment on the compelled speech issue at the heart of the case, which the Court is finally expected to address in the 303 Creative case currently before it.

“Mr. Phillips had to go through a reeducation program, did he not?,” Gorsuch asked Colorado solicitor general Eric Olson. He retorted that it was actually training to educate him about Colorado law.

“Some would call that a reeducation program,” Gorsuch said.

“I strongly disagree,” the defense attorney replied.

“Isn’t religious belief a protected characteristic?,” Gorsuch asked, to which Olson conceded, “yes.”

Phillip’s punishment from the Colorado commission also included a requirement that he submit quarterly reports on his company’s compliance progress.

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