When Conspiracy Theory Becomes Fact; Loudoun County School Officials ‘Failed at Every Juncture’

The cost of being woke? At least two teenaged girls.

Goodness gracious. Has it really been over a year-and-a-half since the hyper-woke Loudoun County School District (LCSD) officials threw at least two minor girls under the proverbial bus to cover for a male sexual predator?
And not just any male sexual predator. This boy wore a skirt and called himself a girl.
In the meantime, two innocent young girls were sexually assaulted on school grounds… I’m sure you recall this entire sick, sad example of “acceptance” gone mad.
Reporter Lincoln Brown of PJMedia.com notes (emphasis mine);

On Monday, the grand jury that had been investigating the incidents involving a student in the Loudoun County School District who had committed acts of sexual abuse in two schools and against different students made its findings available to the public.

At issue was the way the district handled a situation in which a student sexually assaulted a girl at Stonebridge High School in May of 2021. After being transferred to Broad Run High School, he assaulted another girl in October of that year.

In the report, the nine-member grand jury stated that while there was not a coordinated coverup, LCPS administrators were

looking out for their own interests instead of the best interests of LCPS. This invariably led to a stunning lack of openness, transparency, and accountability, both to the public and the special grand jury. There were several decision points for senior LCPS administrators, up to and including the superintendent, to be transparent and step in and alter the sequence of events leading up to the October 6, 2021, BRHS sexual assault. They failed at every juncture.

Important as well is the reporting by Alexis Gustin of the Northern Virginia news service Loudoun Now (emphasis mine);

The jury noted there were several instances where senior division administrators, including the superintendent, could have been transparent and could have avoided the sexual assault at Broad Run High School.

The jury stated in the documents they believed the Oct. 6 abduction and sexual assault “could have and should have been prevented,” saying administrators were ultimately to blame for the second assault.

“While we strongly believe LCPS bears the brunt of the blame for the October 6 incident and the transfer of the student from [Stone Bridge High School] to [Broad Run High School], a breakdown of communication between and amongst multiple parties—including the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office, the Court Services Unit, and the Loudoun County Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office—led to the tragic events that occurred,” according to the report.

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