Maricopa County Trial: Elections Director Drops Major Bombshell in Lake’s Favor

I’ve gotta be honest. In the back of my mind, I’ve pretty much concluded that Kari Lake’s lawsuit was pretty much an exercise in futility. Could you blame me?

But one of the main points that the Kari Lake legal team is pushing just was verified by Scott Jarrett, the Maricopa County Elections Director. I’d think his testimony is pretty important in an election fraud case.

Anyhow, Team Lake has been asserting that Maricopa County of playing patty-finger in the Holy Water with her opponent, Katie Hobbs.

Specifically, that rather hastily reproduced votes on the wrong sized paper effectively caused a rather large monkey wrench to be thrown into the gears. Amazingly enough (sarcasm, off) pretty much in precincts that leaned towards Lake.

As it turns out, Director Jarrett confirmed that the catalyst for the now-famous Maricopa Shitstorm was caused ON election day itself.

The below tweets deserved to be watched in their entirety. To see Jarrett squirm under oath is a thing of beauty.

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