If Kamala Won’t Go to the Border… Illegals Dropped Off at VP’s Official DC Residence

No word if there was a Jesús, María or even a José on any of the buses. I guess there was no room at the Naval Observatory.

Needless to say, the Harris’ didn’t take anyone in.

OK, so it was a mere 18° when they were dropped off, but I’d like you to keep a few things in mind if you’re outraged at Texas Gov. Greg Abbott sending these border jumpers north;

  • No one is forced to DC. It’s all voluntary.
  • The federal government doesn’t pay for this, Texans do.
  • Team Kamala has made it known that they’re firmly in favor of flooding the United States with individuals of very little education and even less of those with high demand skills.
  • As seen in the tweet below, DC has made it screamingly clear that they have opened themselves up to accepting illegals, no caveats in the least.

But perhaps the refutation would be that of Black Conservative Perspective who does one fine job of shoving it back in the faces of those who attack Abbott for being so “un-Christian.”

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