(VIDEOS) Buffalo Blizzard: ‘White Boys’ and ‘Ay-Rabs’ Open Fire on Looters

As everyone is already aware, the good people of the Greater Buffalo Metropolitan Area are getting blasted by what some are calling a generational blizzard.

Personally, I’ve never lived in that part of the country, but I’ve known plenty of folks from the Lake Erie region. From what I’ve heard, if the people from up there are complaining about how bad the latest blizzard is, then you know that this is something of diabolic origin.

So, of course the City of Buffalo, Erie County and the State of New York have all declared states of emergency. And without fail, whenever a state of emergency is issued, civil authority starts to fall apart.

Case in point, looting has broken out in Buffalo (see videos below).

One internet news site, DefiantAmerica.com is reporting;

However, in the last 30 minutes, social media users have claimed that vigilantes have been firing on looters. In multiple Facebook posts, users reported that “women are trying to rob the Arabian weave store, and they are getting shot at…”

Another woman claimed that “white boys dressed in… big hats…” were aiming guns at looters and firing at her.

Samantha Marie is obviously a graduate of gubmint skoolz, as well as a fan of ee cummings.

She prolly a valadiktasaurus.

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