(VIDEO) Englishwoman Arrested for Silently Praying in Front of Abortuary

Just me, but I think the West overall is well beyond the tipping point. Orwell was right and most Westerners are either too stupid or too lazy to give a damn.

For the moment, let’s put aside that Californians have allowed Gavin Newsom to remain in Sacramento despite a recall effort, and that the people of New York have chosen yet again another hard-leftie Democrat to occupy the Empire State’s Executive Mansion.

Taking a look to the other side of the pond, we see Great Britain. A nation so leftist that even the alleged conservatives would make the likes of Gus Hall and Bernie Gutman Sanders puff their chests out in pride.

Case in point, as seen in the video below, Isabel Vaughn-Spruce stood outside a Birmingham, England, abortuary where she silently prayed to God. For that, she was arrested.

That’s right. In the United Kingdom of 2022, you can be arrested for standing still on a public sidewalk while silently praying.

With hindsight being 20/20, I see Vaughn-Spruce’s one major flaw.

The moment the Bobbies approached her, she should have pointed skyward and shouted, “Allah Akbar!

Those Brummie cops would not only have beaten a hasty retreat and apologized profusely all the while.

To top off the over-the-top ass-kissing, they very well may have given her a full-blown police escort home.

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