‘Lord, I Love You’: The Late Pope Benedict XVI Slams Joe Biden From the Grave

Donning his Capella Romano, Pope Benedict greets the faithful.

By now everyone is aware that HH Benedict XVI has died. As reported, his final words were, “Signore, ti amo’ (Lord, I love you).

The man who reinforced traditional Catholic dogma and theology, as well as freeing the Traditional Latin Mass saw his work slowly but surely being undone by his successor.

At its own detriment, the Church with nearly 1.4 billion adherents who call themselves Catholic, is quickly becoming better known among both Catholic traditionalists and Catholic conservatives as “The Deep Church.”

But as seen in the Twitter video below, White House spokesthing Karine Jean-Pierre lets slip that it was Pope Benedict’s wish that Joe Biden NOT attend his funeral.

By the way, sis anyone else catch that she “Emeritus,” which she pronounced “Emmer-itis,” as if it was some sort of deadly disease?

PS, if any sexually suggestive ads are displayed, please let me know. The ad company has already received my request to drop such. Thanks.

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