European Reparations to the Africans and Mezo-Americans; Europeans Did Nothing Different Than Those Conquered

When they say “Trading Kingdoms,” they aren’t talking about glass beads.

I hear an awful lot about the descendants of those evil, white, Christian, European males now owe not only apologies, but also a whole lot of folding green to the descendants of Sub-Saharan Africans as well as South and Central Americans who got their asses handed to them years ago by the same evil, white, Christian, European males.

Let me be specific; why should any subject of the old Spanish, Dutch, British or French Empires be held accountable for things done centuries ago?

After all, if subjects of the old Incan, Aztec, Great Zimbabwe or Ashante Empires had the wherewithal to sail to Europe, then kick the living shit out of the Europeans, then you know damn good and well they would have done it.

The very definition of the difference between a mere kingdom and an empire is that empires don’t stay home, they hit the road to do just that… expand the empire.

According to, an empire is;

a group of nations or peoples ruled over by an emperor, empress, or other powerful sovereign or government: usually a territory of greater extent than a kingdom…

  • The Incans certainly had no qualms of crushing the ChimĂș, then engaging in forced resettlement.
  • The Aztecs had no problem with the wholesale slaughtering of the Olmecs.
  • The Zimbabweans happily slashed their way through the Dande region to expand the empire.
  • The Ashante butchered the Denkyira Empire after the Denkyirans gang-raped hundreds (if not thousands) of Ashante women and girls.

Here’s the bottom line – when the Europeans ran out of local neighbors to conquer, ethnically cleanse and enslave, that’s when they went on a global beer run.

Just like the Incans, Aztecs, Zimbabweans and Ashante did to their own neighbors.

The only difference is that the Europeans were a bit ahead of the technology curve when it came to gunpowder and sailing ships.

You can bet your ass that is the situation were reversed, it would be common present day for the Portuguese to be sacrificing thousands of victims per day to satiate the blood-thirst of the Sun God, and the Slovaks would be eating raw the hearts and livers of whatever defeated enemy.

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