(VIDEO) Chelsea Handler; Living Proof that Humanity has Already Peaked

Chelsea Handler, extra stupid.

The darling of totalitarians everywhere, 47-year-old Chelsea Handler has pretty much proved that humanity has already reached its zenith.

No, Chelsea… this type of zenith isn’t an old TV or radio.

A few decades ago, Handler was a very cute but only slightly passable comedienne. Unfortunately for her career, Handler went woke.

With that move, all Handler accomplished was filling the snail trail vacuum left in the massive collapse of Kathy Griffin’s D-List career.

But in a stunningly stupid admission of how just how stupid she really is, Handler admitted on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon that not until she turned 40 did she realize that Sol and Luna were two different things.

I don’t know which was more cringeworthy, the audience forcing laughter or Fallon’s over-the-top forcing laughter.

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