Killer Kamala Conveniently Forgets to Mention ‘Creator’ and ‘Life’ When Quoting Declaration of Independence

“Anything” is no exaggeration.

Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up. Nonetheless, I have to ask if Kamala Harris really does believe that the American people are really this stupid? Obviously, she does.

But what really shocks me, even though Harris was quoting the most famous line out of the Declaration of Independence, the soulless, bloodthirsty bots in the audience roared their approval.

In all fairness to those in attendance at Harris’ pro-abortion rant, why should they care if she chopped-up the Declaration of Independence?

Screamingly obvious they don’t really care about chopping-up unborn kids.

If anyone experienced ads that are sexually suggestive, please let me know. I’m STILL trying to get the advertising company to only place G-Rated ads. Thanks.

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